Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving Planet Day of Action

The Moving Planet Day of Action, sponsored by, is a day for people world-wide to put our demands for climate action into motion -- walking, running, biking, hiking, skating, surfing, swimming or paddling -- calling for the world to move beyond fossil fuels. Can the Portland community meet the challenge to reduce our carbon emissions? Show you can by commuting carbon-free on Friday, September 23rd!

How it works:

On Friday the 23rd, do some or all of your communting in a carbon-free way. Maybe you can bike to work! Maybe you can walk to the store! Maybe you can carpool and by doing socut your carbon emissions in half! Keep track of the how many miles your car doesn't drive.

Report your Miles:

To see just how much the greater Portland community can cut its carbon emissions, report the miles you save your car from driving by walking, riding, or carpooling. To show our solidarity with, the goal is to cut our driving miles by 350 or more!

Report your miles by commenting right here.

Find out how we did!

You can see the final tally of Portland’s carbon-free miles by logging in right here on Saturday morning.

Want to do more?

Show your support for the Moving Planet day of action by attending one of the other events on Saturday, September 24th:
Light, Loving and Local
The Common Ground Photo Shoot
The EcoMaine Annual Open House and Festival

Did you like commuting carbon-free? Keep it up for the entire month of October! Sign up as an individual or get your business to sign up for the Portland Business Commuter Challenge at